You’ve never seen a Superintendent search like this. We are seeking two leaders, for two idyllic communities, set in the spectacular Olympic Peninsula region of Washington state, where mountains meet water, where small towns with a unique rural culture are thriving, where families know and care about each other and care deeply about the land and the sea and hold dear the magnificent natural beauty that surrounds it.

Our two communities are committed to hiring two Superintendents who are committed to the success of both school districts. Yes, you read that right. We seek two highly collaborative leaders who will build capacity in both districts while working together to foster a region of true excellence. And we can’t think of a better place for this pioneering model than our own region of northwest Washington state, snuggled between the backdrop of the majestic Olympic Mountains and the breathtaking Puget Sound.

Blue Heron at Salmon Creek. Lighthouse photo above courtesy of Jan Boutilier.

Please review our Leadership Summaries and Ideal Profiles linked below to learn about this remarkable opportunity. We invite individuals to apply who are fiercely committed to academic excellence and collaboration. It is also an unprecedented opportunity for two great leaders to co-apply and to serve as partner superintendents in our two school districts.

APPLY HERE FOR EITHER / BOTH SUPERINTENDENT POSITIONS. TIMELINE Learn about the Chimacum School District. Chimacum School District Leadership Summary.

Chimacum School District Ideal Profile.

Learn about the Port Townsend Schools. Port Townsend School District Leadership Summary.

Port Townsend School District Ideal Profile.


Confidential inquiries are welcome to Hank Harris, Human Capital Enterprises,