There is nothing more important, more critical to your long-term mission, than hiring an executive leader and senior staff for your organization.  It is the single-most important determinant of your success.

And while many organizations recognize the importance of a consultant partner when looking for an Executive Director or a CEO, too many organizations fail to realize that when looking for senior staff, the same imperatives apply.

Hank Harris has served as a consultant or executive lead on numerous search processes, with a focus on the oft-forgotten “sourcing and recruiting” side of the work.

What is sourcing and recruiting, and why is it important?   Top-drawer candidates are often not actively looking for new opportunities, and are far too busy working hard and being successful in their own work.  They are not perusing job boards, because they’re highly productive at the jobs they’re currently doing.  When you place an opening on a job board, the most talented individuals out there are likely not to see it.

Hank finds those very candidates.

Hank Harris provides a high-level of direct support at a competitive rate, often substantially lower than you will find at larger consulting firms, with a higher quality of interface and a more personalized approach.  We limit our searches to a maximum of two first-run ongoing searches at any given time, which allows Hank to provide outstanding client service with a remarkable track record of success.

For further information on attaining an executive search partner, please contact Hank directly at or 202.735.6665