There is nothing more important, more critical to your long-term mission, than hiring an executive leader and senior staff for your organization.  It is the single-most important determinant of your success.

Together with our national partner Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates, we are delighted that in the last two years we have brought together wonderful districts with wonderful leaders, including:

  • Richland School District, Washington:  Mark Davidson, Superintendent
  • Redmond School District, Oregon:  Charan Cline
  • Lake Washington School District, Washington:  Jeff Bronstein, Director of Transportation
  • Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico:  In process
  • Medford School District, Oregon:  Bret Champion, Superintendent
  • Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland:  Monica Goldson, CEO
  • Central Kitsap School District, Washington:  Erin Prince, Superintendent
  • Greater Albany Public Schools, Oregon:  Melissa Goff, Superintendent
  • Wenatchee Public Schools, Washington:  Paul Gordon, Superintendent
  • Linn-Benton-Lincoln Education Service District, Oregon:  Tonja Everest, Superintendent
  • North Clackamas School District, Oregon:  David Yoshihara, Assistant Superintendent
  • Greater Albany Public Schools, Oregon:  Lisa Harlan, Assistant Superintendent
  • Spokane Public Schools, Washington:  Brian Coddington, Director of Communications and Community Relations
  • Portland Public Schools, Oregon:  Liane O’Hanlon, Director of Title IX
  • Centennial School District, Oregon:  Cheryl Wangeman, Chief Executive Officer of Finance and Operations
  • South Coast Education Service District, Coos Bay, Oregon:  Muslim Batyrov, Systems Manager

For further information on attaining an executive search partner, please contact Hank directly at or 202.735.6665